Featured Artist Tom Cunningham

Tom Cunningham, “The Most Interesting Man In The World” according to radio host Mark Maverick.

Tom was born December 12th, 1939 a normal little boy. In the Spring of 1947, He contracted Spinal Meningitis with a fever of 108 degrees. That would leave him three years physically behind the other children his age. It also left him with what is now called dyslexia or A.D.H.D.
This made school even harder, as being physically deficient set him up to being bullied by other kids. He started to hate the other children, and became a loner. He learned to accomplish things by himself. By the sixth grade he had become an accomplished oil painter, photographer, model airplane flier, and set a couple of kite flying records.
Tom’s dad grew tired of him being bullied, so he taught him how to box. This was to be the beginning of competitive sports in Tom’s life that would take him around the world.
After ten years of research, Dale Harden’s Strength & Speed Newsletter, picked Tom as one of the All Time Top Multi Sports Athletes.
All Tom’s life he have loved photography, and had been fortunate to win over 500 awards. He won the Tri Color Award at the Texas State Fair. One of the Highest Awards in Photography.
Due to age and injuries, Tom’s mind told him go, but his body said whoa! There became a big void in his life. As Tom began to try and fill that void, he discovered Music. Reaching the top of the music charts, and made new friends all over the world.
“I wait for Christ to Point Me Down The Next Road.” says Tom.

All information from www.TomCunningham.net

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“Hailing from the Bluegrass with a sound as unique and smooth as the regions’ beloved bourbon, C2 & The Brothers Reed’s authenticity shines in their studio debut Weigh Station Tour.

After the independent release of their first EP “Hot Mess”, along with an extensive tour schedule (250+ shows in 2015-16) traveling mainly in the southern part of the country, they took to the studio less than a year later to cut their new record Weigh Station Tour. Split into sides, ‘Exit A’ ‘Exit B’, Weigh Station Tour explores gritty rock and roll Image result for C2 and the brothers reedwhile referencing 60’s and 70’s era soul music, embracing a style that is nearly lost but deeply needed in the surge of modern sound and technology.The band – singer/bassist Cameron Clark, guitarist Kelly Reed, drummer Kody Reed, and keyboardist James Weishar – hide behind nothing on their records, with a ‘realness’ that has been constantly attributed to their live performance.

Since forming in 2013, C2 & The Brothers Reed have made some notable appearances across the board with acts such as Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland, Moon Taxi, Eddie Money, Warrant, and jam bands The Werks and Dopapod. “Weigh Station Tour: Exit A” was released in January 2015 and the followup “Exit B” released summer of 2016.


All information, videos and photos from www.c2andthebrothersreed.com


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Neon Alley A 3-piece neon blast of guitar-driven hard rock, Neon Alley stays true to David Vaccaro’s roots in the classic bands of the 70’s and 80’s all the while keeping one foot grounded firmly in today’s musical landscape. Like the neon alley’s of cities and towns across the country, some are bright and new, while others raw and gritty, you’ll find that Neon Alley’s debut CD is kind of the same. At times a little bit raw and gritty, like the CD opening track ‘That’s How It Is.’ While at other times, polished to a smooth glow, as in the semiballad ‘I Only Want To Be With You,’ yet never overproduced to sterilized perfection. It’s real.
“David carries a talent for carrying a tune, and there are plenty of those reverberating in hummable hard rock fashion.” Daniel Pavlica, therocktologist.com “Full of guitar-driven modern classic rockers, this CD kicks off in fine style with the thunderous ‘That’s How It Is’…and an unexpectedly ballsy ‘Jailhouse Rock’. What a brilliant rendition these boys bring…” Exclusive Magazine “Delivers the kind of classic headbang that will speak for the generation throughout the generations….” midwestrecord.com
“Great melodies, good lyrics & good vocals. There are great hooks that catch you from the very first song… A great, fun album & highly recommended. 5 out of 5 stars…” musicgururadio “It is loud, it is brash, it is exactly what Classic Rock should be.” Simon Barrett, Blog Talk Radio “They write good songs performed from the heart…Gets blood from the 80s and 90s flowing through our veins…” Eric Schuurmans “Roll the windows down, crank this (album) up and cruise to your heart’s content.” alteredfrequencies.com
Publicity/Press inquiries Glass Onyon – William James

All photos and bio from www.dmvmusic.com.


Today Mark Maverick will be talking live with Lisa all the way from France.  11:00PST right here on INDIE104 – iRADIO LA.

Jazz vocalist Lisa Lindsley Ignites the City of Lights with her second album “Long After Midnight”, a gorgeous and playful program of familiar and overlooked standards recorded in Paris

LisaHeadshot_2015Jazz vocalist Lisa Lindsley says that moving to Paris for a year was an idea proposed by her daughter, an aspiring high school contortionist who wanted to hone her French while studying at the Fratellini Circus School. Much to her daughter’s surprise, Lindsley put the plan in motion, and turned the adventure into the next step in her remarkable musical evolution. While her daughter decided return to the states after six months to tour with a circus in Vermont, Lindsley settled into the 19tharrondissement and quickly developed a network of regular gigs with skilled accompanists.

She documents these relationships on her second album, Long After Midnight, a gorgeous collection of sultry songs on her Take One Music label that’s available in Europe (and digitally) May 13, and in the USA June 10, 2016.   “When we set out for Paris I had no gigs in mind,” says Lindsley, a longtime resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. “I just went to all the open mics and I’d ask to sit in. The musicians were always really impressed I was an American singing the American Songbook. Afterwards I’d talk to the owner and that’s how I started getting gigs. Before long I found musicians I really enjoyed working with.”

Lindsley is no slouch at making a powerful first impression. A late blooming artist who came to jazz singing in mid-life, she earned national attention with her stellar 2010 debut release Everytime We Say Goodbye, an intimate session featuring bassist Fred Randolph and superlative accompanist George Mesterhazy (pianist for Shirley Horn and Paula West). She’s been working steadily around the Bay Area over the past decade, but when she and her daughter relocated to Paris in the fall of 2013 Lindsley put everything on hold, including her prolific career as a voice-over artist of considerable celebrity. As the voice of Princess Leia in LeapFrog’s Star Wars game and the characters Soraka and Kayle in Riot Games’ hugely popular online game League of Legends “I get fan mail and fans cry when they meet me,” Lindsley says.

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All photos,videos and information from www.lisalindsley.com


Wednesday Feb. 15th, 2017 Mark Maverick, Carmen Allgood and David Barber will be talking with Eric Kline CEO of Eric Kline Productions.  Find out more about how you can further your career as a band and more.

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Country recording artist Sean O’Brien talks with Mark Maverick about his music, life and everything in between.  Click here to listen to the interview.  Click here to visit Sean’s Facebook Page.





Raveis Kole (Laurie Raveis (Ray-viss) and Dennis Kole), present a fresh yet timeless singer-songwriter interplay, a chemical reaction that ignites the human spirit by melding Raveis’ caramel smooth, emotive vocals and percussive, groove driven acoustic guitar rhythms with Kole’s fingerstyle and harmonic explorations.  Their new album,“Electric Blue Dandelion,” debuted on the AC Top 200 Radio Chart and in three weeks, moved into the Top 100.  Drawing from diverse influences ranging from folk, rock, Reggae, Latin and Hip-Hop, to blues and jazz, “Electric Blue Dandelion” weaves a musical tapestry of lyrically focused, rhythmic, harmonic and sensuous textures that coalesce together to form the signature concept that is Raveis Kole.

Raveis Kole’s lyrics paint an emotional landscape for each song that leads the listener to create their own narrative to their music. The title track, “Electric Blue Dandelion”, is a vivid and compelling odyssey through the struggle of loss into the power of release. The sultry vocals of Laurie Raveis are delicate yet commanding – think Chistina Perri meets Deep Purple. Kole’s fingerstyle agility sweeps between complexity and spaciousness. The next piece, “Precipice Forgiveness (Flow is On),” surprises the listener with an exotic sitar style introduction which segues into an acoustic rock, singer-songwriter interlude that gracefully oscillates in mood, culminating in an uplifting outro which celebrates freedom through the journey to forgiveness. Subtle glimpses of Nick Drake, George Harrison, CSN and Joni Mitchell pervade.

“Holding Onto a Rainbow”, the first Raveis/Kole co-write, is a hypnotic, liquid and ethereal song: Mazzy Star and Natalie Merchant with a Pink Floyd vibe, that has the delicate, weightless feel of hovering between wakefulness and a dream. “It Must Be OK (We Starve)” is a polished and sophisticated song that blends the lyrical and stylistic genius of Carole King with the smooth vocals of Sara Bareilles. The song elegantly transitions into a concluding jazz waltz climax.

Switching gears, the unforgettable blues bass line in “Aloha” establishes the foundation for a stripped and raw acoustic presentation reminiscent of a T Bone Burnett production. The haunting lyrics set forth a somber tale of desperation, powerlessness and loss in the struggle against the demonic dance of addiction. “Fearless (All In)” is an acoustic rock anthem with progressive rock overtones contrasting driving rhythms with ethereal textures. Vulnerable and strong vocals remind one of Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane. The lyric describes a willingness to move bravely in an uncertain world.

“Wicked Game” offers a sensual Latin/Reggae/Rhumba remake of the Chris Isaak classic, intermingling dynamic Reggaeton beats, Latin rhythms and montunos, and seasoned with a dash of polyrhythms. The sound of the Tiple, a type of South American
ukulele, provides a fresh and signature background to Raveis’ powerful and compelling vocal that commands the stage in this exotic mix.

“Street Penguins” surprises with an avant-garde lyric featuring Kole on lead vocals. “Street Penguins” is destined to go viral with its clever, contemporary blend of humor, novelty and social commentary. A step onto the streets of a B-52s, “Rock Lobster” alternative hip hop block party – you will find yourself irresistibly singing along and dancing to the refrain of: “it’s Conga time!”  

The final song, “Dawn Breaks Through”, is a beautiful piano pop ballad with shades of acoustic celtic harmonic overtones, a John Legend meets Florence and The Machine piece. The melody pulls you into singing along as it opens up in an epic manner with a multi-layered crescendo of vocal harmony. “Dawn Breaks Through” leaves the listener in a place of uplift and hope: “We are made of Stars!”

“Electric Blue Dandelion,” was recorded in Austin, Texas at 6 String Ranch with producer, Matt Smith and a dynamic group of talented musicians: Drums (James Gwyn), Ovation Magnum Prototype Fretless and customer Warwick 4 string fretted bass and lap steel (Matt Smith), upright bass (Kris Wade), organ/keys (David Webb) combined with Laurie (Vocals, 1935 D18 Martin acoustic, Gibson Firebird Electric, Custom Stratocaster – the “Irishcaster”, Electric Sitar guitar) and Dennis (Takamine Classical, Nashville High Strung, Hammertone Mandotar, National Resonator, Requinto, Tiple, 1935 D18 Martin Acoustic, Gibson 335 Rusty Anderson Model, Baritone Guitar, Fender Stratocaster, Godin New Yorker and Vocals).

The spark of Raveis Kole ignited when Laurie and Dennis first met at a guitar festival in Big Fork, Montana, while sharing an improvised jam session with each other, switching between playing guitar and drums. Immediately, the Raveis Kole interplay was strewn with curiosity, call and response, and connectivity leading to their musical and lyrical collaborations.

Laurie Raveis is a voting member of The Recording Academy and has the privilege of participating in the GRAMMY Awards process. She was 2014 Berklee Online Scholarship winner at the Crown Guitar Festival, and has recently served as a band coach at Bellingham Girls Rock Camp.  In 2013 Laurie launched her musical career with the release of her debut EP, 101, which was also produced and recorded by Matt Smith in Austin, TX. 101 offered Laurie’s signature compelling vocals along with vibrant lyrics to serve notice that a new artist was on the horizon, rising.

Dennis Kole has studied with multi-instrumentalist Matt Smith, funk master Dennis McCumber, and jazz improvisationalist Mark Dzuiba, and has an extensive collection of instruments and amplifiers that would even impress Joe Bonamassa.

Raveis Kole is based in Bellingham, WA.


All information and photos are from www.raveiskole.com/

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