About Us

Indie 104 ~ iRADIOLA was named ‘Best Internet Station of The Year 2006, 2007 and 2008 at the Annual New Music  Awards, held at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood. Based on a popular vote and influence in the music industry. 2006 was the first year Internet Radio was a contender for this prestigious award.

General Manager, Mark Maverick, officially launched his streaming station in 1996, and the station now boasts over 8.7 million steady listeners worldwide. iRADIO was the first all indie station also the first all format indie station.   iRADIO plays music by unsigned artists 24/7/365, and is also home to several syndicated shows that feature original music: Mark Maverick In The Morning, Indie Music Wave, Band Talk, Independent Corner and Blues & Metal On The Rocks.  We also have great talk shows like Band Talk Show and In Your Face with Rob Ekno.

Mark Maverick has been involved with radio for over 32 years.  Starting out doing voice overs for a community radio station in England, HCR 104FM.  Then DJing in clubs around Suffolk England.  When he came back to the United States he ended up in the Los Angeles area.  Still DJing he was contacted by a television show, Fast Track To Fame, to be a local TV host.  Mark got so involved he soon became a record producer for the shows record label, Sonic Records.

Maverick saw the future coming.  He stated “This Internet thing is going to be in everyone’s home soon.”  So he single handily started streaming indie music with windows streaming software, since there was no Internet Radio Software yet. iRADIO was born. iRADIO was the first “i” anything on the Internet.  Soon others followed and everyone is now and “i” something.    Soon 1 listener grew to 10 to 100 then 1000.  After a few months “iRADIO” were receiving over 500 CDs a week for airplay.  The station had to grow.  Maverick was one of the original founders of Live 365.  Soon iRADIO was broadcasting on 104.7 FM.  INDIE104 was born.

After 4 years of broadcasting on FM Maverick did a survey on how many people actually listened to terrestrial radio in general.  Out of 5,000 people interviewed only a handful listened to terrestrial radio and they listened to talk radio and news.  Terrestrial radio was just going in a downward spiral because stations were playing the same songs over and over.

Maverick dropped the FM signal and concentrated on the Internet feed.  building his own servers, 15 in all, iRADIO LA and INDIE104 can now boast an average of 150,000 listeners an hour, with a total of 8.7 million world wide.