Featured Artist Tom Cunningham

Tom Cunningham, “The Most Interesting Man In The World” according to radio host Mark Maverick.

Tom was born December 12th, 1939 a normal little boy. In the Spring of 1947, He contracted Spinal Meningitis with a fever of 108 degrees. That would leave him three years physically behind the other children his age. It also left him with what is now called dyslexia or A.D.H.D.
This made school even harder, as being physically deficient set him up to being bullied by other kids. He started to hate the other children, and became a loner. He learned to accomplish things by himself. By the sixth grade he had become an accomplished oil painter, photographer, model airplane flier, and set a couple of kite flying records.
Tom’s dad grew tired of him being bullied, so he taught him how to box. This was to be the beginning of competitive sports in Tom’s life that would take him around the world.
After ten years of research, Dale Harden’s Strength & Speed Newsletter, picked Tom as one of the All Time Top Multi Sports Athletes.
All Tom’s life he have loved photography, and had been fortunate to win over 500 awards. He won the Tri Color Award at the Texas State Fair. One of the Highest Awards in Photography.
Due to age and injuries, Tom’s mind told him go, but his body said whoa! There became a big void in his life. As Tom began to try and fill that void, he discovered Music. Reaching the top of the music charts, and made new friends all over the world.
“I wait for Christ to Point Me Down The Next Road.” says Tom.

All information from www.TomCunningham.net

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