Mark Maverick Retires

Live Remote

INDIE104 – iRADIO LA’s founder and General Manager retires after over 30 years in radio.  Maverick started in  radio in the United Kingdom as a technical assistant helping installing the transmitter and repeaters for Huntingdon based HCR radio.  Then applying his voice over skills became “The American Voice” for the Suffolk County area.  Doing several voice overs and characters for the Kalvin Taber Show Mark spread his wings when he came back to the United States.  He started hosting several television shows with his first show on The Nashville Network’s Fast Track To Fame.

Mark wanted to start a radio station to broadcast all of the artists they had through the television shows and as a record producer with Sonic records.  He was known to say “This Internet thing is going to be big one day” and started looking for ways to broadcast over the Internet, since there were no “Internet Radio Stations” yet.  He found a program that was made for video and used it to start streaming. iRADIO (Internet Radio/Independent Radio) was born.  Failing to trademark iRADIO, it was taken by another company.  So now known as iRADIO LA (Los Angeles).

Original Studio

Not only the first “radio station” streaming on the Internet, but also the first all independent station.  A few years went by and iRADIO LA partnered with Live 365.  iRADIO LA was one of the first original founders, growing from just a few listeners to thousands.  Maverick was receiving over 500 CD’s a week from artist wanting airplay.

iRADIO LA finally went terrestrial on 104.7 FM, then came INDIE104.7.  After two years transmitting on the FM dial Maverick did a survey on how many people actually listened to terrestrial radio and mp3 players etc.  He found that the majority of the people listened to their phones or mp3 players in their cars and a few listened to terrestrial radio but to talk shows or traffic reports.  So he decided to concentrate on the internet side and helped develop internet radio players.

On The Red Carpet in Hollywood

INDIE104 adn iRADIO LA was not only the first Internet radio station but the first all format radio station.  Continuing being the first, they were also the first to receive Internet radio station of the year 4 years in a row at the Hollywood Awards show and nominated several years after.

Mark built his own streaming servers and had the capabilities to stream to over 5 million listeners at a time.  INDIE104 and iRADIO LA grew to over 8 million total listeners worldwide.   Picking up a total of 23 shows over the years, the Colorado Wave with Carmen Allgood was the first syndicated show to air.  Carmen and Mark teamed together to do several shows together to include, “Indie Traffic Jam”, “Band Talk” with David Barber and “The Highest Self Healing Radio Show” with David Patterson.

At The Pala Casino

Some other shows that made high listenership counts was The Kevin Smith Show, In Your Face with Rob Ekno and the Steven Knight Show.

Mark did a weekly interview radio show with independent artists called “Mark Maverick In The Morning”.  This show was highly liked by the artists because it was not the typical interview.  There was lots of laughing, joking, stories and more as well as 4 of the artists songs played during the hour long show.  He will continue to do these interview shows but as a podcast only.

Over the years Maverick has met and befriended over 100,000 artists to include Chubby Checker, Ron Dante, Trini Lopez, Mick Jagger and Jerry Salas to name a few. Even though those names are well known there are thousands of the unknown artists that he met as well.  He enjoys judging talent and battle of the bands as well as a few karaoke contests.

Mark Maverick would like to thank everyone for helping making INDIE104 and iRADIO LA one of the largest Internet Radios Stations.