Raveis Kole (Laurie Raveis (Ray-viss) and Dennis Kole), present a fresh yet timeless singer-songwriter interplay, a chemical reaction that ignites the human spirit by melding Raveis’ caramel smooth, emotive vocals and percussive, groove driven acoustic guitar rhythms with Kole’s fingerstyle and harmonic explorations.  Their new album,“Electric Blue Dandelion,” debuted on the AC Top 200 Radio Chart and in three weeks, moved into the Top 100.  Drawing from diverse influences ranging from folk, rock, Reggae, Latin and Hip-Hop, to blues and jazz, “Electric Blue Dandelion” weaves a musical tapestry of lyrically focused, rhythmic, harmonic and sensuous textures that coalesce together to form the signature concept that is Raveis Kole.

Raveis Kole’s lyrics paint an emotional landscape for each song that leads the listener to create their own narrative to their music. The title track, “Electric Blue Dandelion”, is a vivid and compelling odyssey through the struggle of loss into the power of release. The sultry vocals of Laurie Raveis are delicate yet commanding – think Chistina Perri meets Deep Purple. Kole’s fingerstyle agility sweeps between complexity and spaciousness. The next piece, “Precipice Forgiveness (Flow is On),” surprises the listener with an exotic sitar style introduction which segues into an acoustic rock, singer-songwriter interlude that gracefully oscillates in mood, culminating in an uplifting outro which celebrates freedom through the journey to forgiveness. Subtle glimpses of Nick Drake, George Harrison, CSN and Joni Mitchell pervade.

“Holding Onto a Rainbow”, the first Raveis/Kole co-write, is a hypnotic, liquid and ethereal song: Mazzy Star and Natalie Merchant with a Pink Floyd vibe, that has the delicate, weightless feel of hovering between wakefulness and a dream. “It Must Be OK (We Starve)” is a polished and sophisticated song that blends the lyrical and stylistic genius of Carole King with the smooth vocals of Sara Bareilles. The song elegantly transitions into a concluding jazz waltz climax.

Switching gears, the unforgettable blues bass line in “Aloha” establishes the foundation for a stripped and raw acoustic presentation reminiscent of a T Bone Burnett production. The haunting lyrics set forth a somber tale of desperation, powerlessness and loss in the struggle against the demonic dance of addiction. “Fearless (All In)” is an acoustic rock anthem with progressive rock overtones contrasting driving rhythms with ethereal textures. Vulnerable and strong vocals remind one of Grace Slick/Jefferson Airplane. The lyric describes a willingness to move bravely in an uncertain world.

“Wicked Game” offers a sensual Latin/Reggae/Rhumba remake of the Chris Isaak classic, intermingling dynamic Reggaeton beats, Latin rhythms and montunos, and seasoned with a dash of polyrhythms. The sound of the Tiple, a type of South American
ukulele, provides a fresh and signature background to Raveis’ powerful and compelling vocal that commands the stage in this exotic mix.

“Street Penguins” surprises with an avant-garde lyric featuring Kole on lead vocals. “Street Penguins” is destined to go viral with its clever, contemporary blend of humor, novelty and social commentary. A step onto the streets of a B-52s, “Rock Lobster” alternative hip hop block party – you will find yourself irresistibly singing along and dancing to the refrain of: “it’s Conga time!”  

The final song, “Dawn Breaks Through”, is a beautiful piano pop ballad with shades of acoustic celtic harmonic overtones, a John Legend meets Florence and The Machine piece. The melody pulls you into singing along as it opens up in an epic manner with a multi-layered crescendo of vocal harmony. “Dawn Breaks Through” leaves the listener in a place of uplift and hope: “We are made of Stars!”

“Electric Blue Dandelion,” was recorded in Austin, Texas at 6 String Ranch with producer, Matt Smith and a dynamic group of talented musicians: Drums (James Gwyn), Ovation Magnum Prototype Fretless and customer Warwick 4 string fretted bass and lap steel (Matt Smith), upright bass (Kris Wade), organ/keys (David Webb) combined with Laurie (Vocals, 1935 D18 Martin acoustic, Gibson Firebird Electric, Custom Stratocaster – the “Irishcaster”, Electric Sitar guitar) and Dennis (Takamine Classical, Nashville High Strung, Hammertone Mandotar, National Resonator, Requinto, Tiple, 1935 D18 Martin Acoustic, Gibson 335 Rusty Anderson Model, Baritone Guitar, Fender Stratocaster, Godin New Yorker and Vocals).

The spark of Raveis Kole ignited when Laurie and Dennis first met at a guitar festival in Big Fork, Montana, while sharing an improvised jam session with each other, switching between playing guitar and drums. Immediately, the Raveis Kole interplay was strewn with curiosity, call and response, and connectivity leading to their musical and lyrical collaborations.

Laurie Raveis is a voting member of The Recording Academy and has the privilege of participating in the GRAMMY Awards process. She was 2014 Berklee Online Scholarship winner at the Crown Guitar Festival, and has recently served as a band coach at Bellingham Girls Rock Camp.  In 2013 Laurie launched her musical career with the release of her debut EP, 101, which was also produced and recorded by Matt Smith in Austin, TX. 101 offered Laurie’s signature compelling vocals along with vibrant lyrics to serve notice that a new artist was on the horizon, rising.

Dennis Kole has studied with multi-instrumentalist Matt Smith, funk master Dennis McCumber, and jazz improvisationalist Mark Dzuiba, and has an extensive collection of instruments and amplifiers that would even impress Joe Bonamassa.

Raveis Kole is based in Bellingham, WA.


All information and photos are from www.raveiskole.com/

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Tom Cunningham, “The Most Interesting Man In The World” according to radio host Mark Maverick.

Tom was born December 12th, 1939 a normal little boy. In the Spring of 1947, He contracted Spinal Meningitis with a fever of 108 degrees. That would leave him three years physically behind the other children his age. It also left him with what is now called dyslexia or A.D.H.D.
This made school even harder, as being physically deficient set him up to being bullied by other kids. He started to hate the other children, and became a loner. He learned to accomplish things by himself. By the sixth grade he had become an accomplished oil painter, photographer, model airplane flier, and set a couple of kite flying records.
Tom’s dad grew tired of him being bullied, so he taught him how to box. This was to be the beginning of competitive sports in Tom’s life that would take him around the world.
After ten years of research, Dale Harden’s Strength & Speed Newsletter, picked Tom as one of the All Time Top Multi Sports Athletes.
All Tom’s life he have loved photography, and had been fortunate to win over 500 awards. He won the Tri Color Award at the Texas State Fair. One of the Highest Awards in Photography.
Due to age and injuries, Tom’s mind told him go, but his body said whoa! There became a big void in his life. As Tom began to try and fill that void, he discovered Music. Reaching the top of the music charts, and made new friends all over the world.
“I wait for Christ to Point Me Down The Next Road.” says Tom.

All information from www.TomCunningham.net

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The Spiders are excited to release their new single & video “Election Day”. This song is about the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election and all the rhetoric and overall angst that so many feel about their choices for the top office in our country. Most importantly, its about getting out there and voting for what you believe in, and we as citizens of the USA do have a voice and we need to use it.

The Spiders are led by Lead Guitarist and Vocalist, Nick DeStefano. Nick has performed all over North America, from the Stone Pony in New Jersey to the Troubadour in Los Angeles. He has appeared on MTV in two award winning videos from his previous bands, Faces In The Crowd and Y Fly 2 London. He also appeared on two NJ WDHA-FM Compilation CD’s, that featured groups such as the Smithereens, Glen Burtnick & Joe Lynn Turner. Nick’s Y Fly 2 London’s “Just Say No” EP is still considered a classic.The record featured the late great producer and ex-Scandal keyboardist Benjy King, Donnie Kisselback, from The Alice Cooper Band, James Lewis from Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and the great Miami Horn section, featuring Mark Pender, Stan Harrison, Ed Manion, & Mike Spengler. Nick also signed a publishing deal with Grammy award winning publisher Valentino Music for several of his instrumental recordings. Nick has teamed up with John Henderson on Bass and Nestor Arcelay on Drums, both longtime veterans of the NJ club circuit, this power trio has spent the last few years developing a very loyal following, and they hope with the release of their powerful new single “Election Day” they will get the mainstream exposure they truly deserve.

Listen to the interview with Mark Maverick and Nick DeStefano CLICK HERE


Band Web Site: www.thespidersband.com
Label Web Site: https://bongoboyrecords.com/
Election Day Video Link: https://youtu.be/ydgKvj64_QA


Patrick Doval is a singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Miami, Florida. Since 2008, Patrick has independently released 5-albums and 18-music videos.

After recording & releasing “Deliverance” & “Fractured” in 2008 and filming several low budget music videos to his songs, Patrick built a large following online, especially on his Myspace & Youtube pages. Doval used popular social networking website MySpace to promote his music from 2007-2011 and at one point had over 152,000 “friends” & independently managed to sell his songs all around the world despite not being signed to a record label.

In addition to creating music, Patrick directs & edits all his music videos. His videos are artsy and especially creative which have gained him attention from the local artist community in Miami. Some of his videos have even premiered in Art Basel Miami in the Wynwood art district.

Doval not only sings but plays all the instruments himself on all his albums. His sound, vision & voice are regularly compared to a mix between The Cure, David Bowie, The Smiths & Jeff Buckley.

His latest album “Obscured” was just released in July 2016  & the lead single “Sugarless Candy” debut at # 164 on the FMQB radio charts ( week of July 17-23 ). You can find Patrick Doval performing regularly for Hollywood photographer, Robert Zuckerman’s Open Mic @ FIU’s Miami Beach Urban Studios.

All photos and bio from www.patrickdoval.com

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HENRY DOSS is a singer-songwriter who writes music and plays it loud.  Most of the time. He’s what you’d call a classic late-bloomer in the music arena. During the later stages of his banking career, he picked up a guitar again, after many years of neglect, and the music and the words started to flow.   He’s done a couple of CDs he regards as “practice” for his current release NEED TO KNOW, which contains the first five of henry doss 3the many new songs he’s working on this year.  Heavily influenced by his travels in the world, especially in Jerusalem where he’s worked on an archaeological dig, Henry’s songs are focused on lyrics, storytelling, and authentic musicianship.

henry doss



Henry’s professional career encompassed banking and venture capital.  Today he is the managing partner of an innovation consultancy, Rainforest Strategies (www.rfs-llp.com).  Even in a very busy life, music has risen to the top priority for Henry.  He is currently at work on recording a number of new songs, and re-working some old tracks; putting together some old and new musician friends into a band (The Bridgeburners) ; and even fielding calls from record companies.

You can stream all of Henry’s music (free) on his web site at www.henrydossmusic.com.  Of course you can find him on iTunes, Spotify and just about every online source.  There aren’t a lot of effects, or tarted up tracks here in this material;  just real songs, telling real stories.  Dig in.

You can listen to Henry’s interview with Mark Maverick by clicking here.

henry doss 2



Jon W Wollenzien, Jr. is a singer/songwriter from Atlanta; GA. Jon, born and raised in Huntington, WV, began his musical ambitions at the age of 10 when he was handed his uncle’s trumpet.  Jon studied the trumpet for the next 8 years participating in his high school jazz and marching bands.  While in band,
Jon was introduced to an aspiring piano and keyboard player, Scott JWWCloseupCoughenour.  At age 19, Jon co-formed the band Aluminus with his then music partner Coughenour. Jon and Scott wrote 10 original songs over a 2-year period.  In 1982, Aluminus participated in a battle of the bands competition in Coalton, KY.  Aluminus was the only rock band participating in the all country western competition.   Although Aluminus gained fans during the competition, the band never performed live again.  In 1983, Jon sat aside his musical 
ambitions to pursue his education. Jon graduated with a BBA in Management from Marshall University, a significant accomplishment considering that he was expelled from the University during his freshman year for failing grades.  Jon went on to earn his MHA at the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, IA, and his Doctorate of Business Administration at Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Jon has worked as an administrator, associate administrator, Vice President, and CEO of both profit and non-profit healthcare organizations.  Jon is currently the CEO of Palmetto Health Council, Inc., a network of six community health centers providing healthcare services to Georgia’s uninsured and underinsured citizens.  In 2008, Jon awoke his musical passion with the purchase of his first guitar.  Over the next several years, Jon received training from several of Atlanta’s top guitar players including jazz recording artist Ede Wright, touring and recording artist Mark Dannells, and Guitar Decatur’s Eddie Minjarez.  In 2010, Jon began writing and arranging his first JWWGuitarStrappedthree original tunes – Snapshot, Where Have Your Been, and Bi-Polar Love (The Unforgiving EP).  During the summer and early fall of 2012, Jon worked with Jeff Gardner at the Windstor Studio to record his first EP – The Unforgiving.  The Unforgiving was released to worldwide distribution on December 2, 2012.  During 2014 and 2015, Jon recorded two live performances, Wollenzien Live, that was released October 20, 2015.  Wollenzien Live is available for download or purchase on iTunes, Amazon, cdbaby, BestBuy, Target, and many other outlets.  Please go out and purchase your disc today!

Listen to the live interview on INDIE104 – iRADIO LA with Mark Maverick, Click Here.

All photos and bio from www.jonwollenzien.com


Combining the honesty of her country roots, with the heart of Gospel and the energy of rock, her voice provides a mirror in which her listeners see reflections…of their lives…and of their dreams.

Cheryl K. is not only a sensitive, emotionally moving recording artist, but is also an entertaining stage performer, with the presence to fill a 60′ stage and bring an entire audience to their feet.

Over the span of her career, Cheryl K. has entertained thousands…from Nashville to Las Vegas, Austin to Detroit, and has won loyal fans even in overseas markets, such as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Spain and Sweden.

CKW Remix CoverCheryl K.’s efforts have produced multiple chart-topping singles on national and overseas independent charts (thirteen #1’s, and 45 chart toppers). Cheryl K. gives much of the credit for her success to her family, her fans, her team, the worldwide DJs… Some of the music producers who have worked with Cheryl K. are: Norro Wilson, Bill Walker, the team of John Golden and Ron ”Snake” Reynolds and Jay Vern (Co-producer with Cheryl K. of three of her most successful album CDs). All have found her distinctive style to be uniquely individual. Even more impressive is the universal acceptance of her vocal presentation and the messages in her songs. This blend has rewarded Cheryl K. with a consistent worldwide ranking among The Top 200 Most Played Major and Indie Recording Artists.  Her “Hit” YouTube Video “The Auction” to date has had 6,608,927 views, produced by Wildhorse Entertainment.

Whether in a concert arena, at a state fair or in the showroom of a Las Vegas resort, this strong woman, who embodies passion, poise and grace, has shared her stage with many Nashville headliners. Cheryl K. is also proud to be a voting member of NARAS (The Grammy Awards), CMA Sterling Member (The Country Music Association) and BMI (as a writer and a music publisher).

Cheryl K. will touch you with her ability to reach out to her audiences and stir their emotions as she sings…about love…about loneliness…about the simple joys of living. Everyone has their own special time and place to be heard. Like country music itself…CHERYL K. is timeless.

To read more and to go to Cheryl K. Warner website click here.

To hear interview with Mark Maverick click here.

All photos and information is from www.cherylkwarner.com



INDIE104 Is Looking For New Radio Shows!!!



If you have a current radio show or want to start one INDIE104 and iRADIO LA are looking for you.  The award winning and oldest internet radio station is looking for new shows to air to thousands of listeners world wide.

If you are interested and would like to find out more information contact Carmen Allgood. carmen@thecoloradowave.com

Hurry time slots are limited.


You can listen the interview with Mark Maverick by clicking here

Based in Waynesville Ohio, Richard Lynch is an American Country music artist, who has released a long list of chart topping hits in the world of traditional country music. Lynch’s style is reminiscent of the greats. The passion & purity that fueled the likes of Conway Twitty, Waylon Jennings, George Jones & Hank Williams, can be heard through the vocals & exquisite musicianship of the Richard Lynch band. Lynch’s love of Country music spans 3 decades. With that, amazing live shows and songs about the ‘working man’ feed his audiences with adrenaline. It’s country, the way country music was meant to be & they have numerous awards to prove it.

Living the life he sings about is what gives Richard Lynch the edge as an entertainer. Fans can relate to his lyrics, his messages. Richard is a hard working, blue collar man & an American farmer. The band performs over 100 live shows across the US per year. This is a one-of-a-kind performance, that’s not to be missed. Spectators walk away wanting more! And with good reason, the hand selected musicians that make up his band are recognized as the best in the industry. The Richard Lynch Band performs a variety of music for the traditionalist at heart. Ranging from pure country, western swing, rockabilly, outlaw country, and hard driving honky tonk.

They are currently being Cd-coverpromoted by Danie Cortese, CEO of DCE International, a highly credited PR firm that has promoted some of the biggest names in music business. They are also under the watchful eye of one of the most prominent managers in the industry, Randy Hayford, CEO of Twang Thang Country. The sky is the limit as they ‘take on’ the International markets with a vengeance. Their fans eagerly await. Stay tuned for more!

*All bio and photos are from www.richardlynchband.com

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